MassPLAN is a coalition of groups and organizations opposed to the proposed Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct (“NED”) Project (December 2014 Kinder Morgan NED presentation). This website provides information primarily about the Massachusetts portion of the proposed project.


“[E]lectricity rates — which jumped as much as 37 percent — were based on projections that prices in wholesale markets would surge toward last winter’s record levels. Average wholesale electricity prices, however, are running at about half of last year’s … Power producers expected similar conditions this winter and raised prices significantly when utilities contracted for winter supplies in the fall. But shipments of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, into the region have dramatically increased this winter, and at prices 50 percent lower than last winter. The change has prevented natural gas shortages caused by pipeline constraints and moderated fuel prices.” Boston Globe, February 25, 2015

Perhaps another factor in the increased LNG imports:  ISO New England chose not to exclude LNG from this year’s Winter Reliability Program, unlike last year.  Read more in Commonwealth Magazine.

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Individuals who have contributed information to the site include landowners whose property would be crossed by the proposed pipeline path, landowners who already have gas pipelines through their property, individuals who work with land trusts, environmental organizations, or town governments, and concerned citizens across the Commonwealth.