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  • May 31st: State House hearing on Supreme Judicial Court decision on the Global Warming Solutions Act
  • June 14th: DPU hearing on Docket #16-05 National Grid petition for capacity on Access Northeast utilizing “pipeline tax”, 5pm, The Berkshire Athenaeum (Pittsfield’s Public Library)

*** FILING 5/23/16 : Kinder Morgan officially withdraws application from FERC Docket #16-21

» STATEMENT 4/20/16: KM/TGP has “suspended further work and expenditures on the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) project.
» Kinder Morgan Statement on Northeast Direct Energy project.

MassPLAN is a coalition member of the Pipe Line Awareness Network for the Northeast.

» DPU Proceedings (Electrical Distribution Company Contract Approval Proceedings, and More)

» RELEASE 1/18/16: Kinder Morgan seeks immediate access to hundreds of properties in preparation for eminent domain takings, despite lack of established need for pipeline project

» RELEASE 1/18/16: National Grid contracts with Kinder Morgan could put electric ratepayers on the hook for over $1.3 billion, with no proof of need for NED pipeline

***Kinder Morgan formal FERC application — new NED Docket No. CP16-21*** Deadline to intervene has passed; you can still file after the deadline if you have a compelling reason. 
» NED Application files available for review here

» New pipelines are not safer than old pipelines:
“As US rushes to build gas lines, failure rate of new pipes has spiked” – SNL Financial, 9/9/15


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Individuals who have contributed information to the site include landowners whose property would be crossed by the proposed pipeline path, landowners who already have gas pipelines through their property, individuals who work with land trusts, environmental organizations, or town governments, and concerned citizens across the Commonwealth.